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HSS Claw Where precision meets perfection. Discover a world of meticulous craftsmanship and dazzling precision in the art of gem cutting and faceting

HSS Claw solution

Unlock the Future of Diamond Security and Elegance with our Diamond HSS Claw Solution. Setting new standards in jewelry craftsmanship, it blends.

Facets of Quality

Facets of Quality: Unveiling the essence of excellence in every facet. Explore a world where precision, artistry, and quality converge to create

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Diamonds in the Making: Tools that transform raw potential into radiant brilliance. Discover the essential instruments that shape the world's most

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We have learned a lot of things and grown steadily in the last 30 years, Ronak Mistry & Rakshit Mistry adapted changes and acquired new technology day by day , the ability to build parts to the tightest tolerances working with a wide variety of materials . Resulting in outstanding , diverse & top-quality items for our reputed clients .in Blacksmith India.

In 1993, when the Company was started in the name of Shiv Shakti Engineer Works. that time Company owner by Kanjibhai N. Mistry established it.

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“We've been relying on Cutting-Edge HSS Claw Solutions for our machining needs, and the results have been outstanding. The precision and durability of their products have significantly enhanced the efficiency of our operations. The innovative design and reliability make them a trusted partner for our cutting-edge projects. We appreciate the commitment of the Cutting-Edge team to delivering top-tier quality. Highly recommended.”

Mr. John Smith
CEO, Precision Manufacturing Solutions

“Their high-speed steel claws have proven to be incredibly reliable and efficient. The team's attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction make them our go-to for cutting solutions. Exceptional products and service!”

Mr. Michael Turner
Founder, Precision Metalworks Inc

“Our experience with Cutting-Edge HSS Claw Solutions has been remarkable. The precision and durability of their claw solutions have significantly improved our metal fabrication processes. The team's expertise and commitment to delivering top-notch products have made them a trusted partner in our operations. We look forward to continued collaboration.”

Ms. Sarah Martinez
Director of Engineering, Innovative Metal Fabricators


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Ronak Mistry
Founder, CEO
Rakshit Mistry
Marketing Lead
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